Apr 162011

IGIBS is going to try (I say try advisedly, as this is a project) to create a tool to allow the semi-automatic creation of an OGC Web Map Service (WMS). This will allow users to publish their data for viewing in a variety of WMS clients, one of which will be a demonstration mapping application we create. This page will have a technical focus and will be used to report bugs, progress, planning, etc. The idea is that as the project matures, this is where we collect information on:

  • Recommendations for what is necessary to take the “WMS factory” tool
    into production (if its doable)
  • Suggestions for enhancements to the relevant components of the UK
    academic SDI
  • Suggestions for next steps to take the mapping application forward
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Apr 162011

This is a big topic that is often neglected and often proves fatal for SDI initiatives meeting their ambitions.  The reality is that much valuable data is restricted; this is true for the UK National SDI (UK Location Programme), the UK academic SDI and INSPIRE.  A genuinely interoperable means of allowing OGC Web Service clients (like the one we are developing in IGIBS) to consume WMS (open and restricted) from multiple distributed organisations without having to provide multiple user credentials is difficult.  Building on much prior work, we are going to try to demonstrate in IGIBS how Shibboleth – the open source SAML implementation that powers the UK Access Management Federation – can be used to allow protected public sector WMS can be made securely available to the academic sector.  We will also demonstrate the converse, how users in the academic sector can securely publish their data and control who can see it if they need to.  We will use this page to solicit comment and hopefully gather recommendations for further work.

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