Apr 232011

On the 11th of April, on a fine Spring day, we had the kickoff meeting for this project at the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE) at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).  Eight people attended: Chris Higgins (EDINA, Project Manager) Michael Koutroumpas (EDINA, Senior Software Engineer) Nicola Osborne (EDINA, Social Media Office) Richard Lucas […]

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Apr 202011

Meeting with Mike Bailey (Senior Reserve Manager for the Dyfi National Nature Reserve) of the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) to discuss the sampling of habitats across Borth Bog from the 26th April (for three days). Three areas were considered for sampling to support the BIO-SOS project. Datasets linked to Borth Bog were discussed and […]

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Apr 192011

For the Dyfi catchment, the main datasets acquired by satellite and airborne sensors have been collated and a description provided, including dates, with this undertaken to support, in part, biodiversity and land cover change projects being conducted through IGES. Satellite sensor data available include Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS), SPOT High Resolution Geometric (HRG), Landsat […]

Apr 182011

A number of datasets have now been identified and which may be put together within a centralised data store (where available). In particular, we have focused on the following: a) Vegetation maps for the Dyfi catchment, within these including the Phase 1 Habitat Survey, the National Vegetation Classification (NVC), the Land Cover Map 1990 and […]

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Apr 182011

Information is now being collated on available data sets to incorporate in this project. We have identified a number of case study users from the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences (IGES), Aberystwyth University and Forest Research in Wales, Forestry Commission who have previously and are currently working on projects based in the Dyfi Biosphere. […]

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Apr 172011

The purpose of this page/category is to gather input from the various stakeholders who will use the outputs from the project, or who have an interest in what the project delivers. Specifically, we want to gather user requirements to drive the direction of the project and any subsequent activity that follows on, eg, IGIBS Mark […]

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Apr 032011

As project manager of the Interoperable Geographic Information for Biosphere Study (IGIBS) project, the pleasure of the first blog post falls to me. The project formally started 2 days ago (on the 1st of April) and is scheduled to run for 7 months up to the end of Oct 2011. Its a partnership between EDINA, […]

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