May 132011

Today I met with Jonathan Brownett an MSc student studying at IGES who is hoping to complete a thesis which will investigate land cover change over the Dyfi catchment area using remote sensing. He will use this method to determine the effects of land cover change on the hydrology of the area.

He would find this project very useful in compiling his thesis and already from the list we have compiled he has highlighted a number of data sets that he would like to have access to, to help him complete his thesis. So far there are at least 10 data sets that we have collated that will be useful to him.

After this I made a trip to Ynyslas where the Dyfi Reserve Manager Mike Bailey from CCW was able to locate a number of useful vegetation data sets initially taken from quadrats within the Cors Fochno bog area of the Dyfi Biosphere. This data will be of use to Professor Richard Lucas, academic from IGES and Alisdair Cuningham, PhD student who will be able to use this data for the BIOSOS project which they are working on.

I also received a list of IGES undergraduate proposed thesis titles and so far none of these are focusing on the Dyfi Biosphere. The Dyfi Biosphere is an area which could prove to be a huge resource to such students in terms of research already carried out in this area and the boundless possibilities it poses for more research. The proposed tool/mapping application could be used as a valuable tool for educating these students allowing them to discover the resources it holds.

  2 Responses to “Data sets for students research and education.”

  1. This meeting with Becky was very helpful. It was very usefull to see all the datasets available for the Dyfi, many of these could be very useful in analysis and interpretation of my dissertation project. The range of datasets available is quite astonishing and as these start to appear onto IGIBS WMS server, I hope to make some good use of them to further my disseration.

  2. In preparation for a larger meeting involving Forest Research on the 28th June, Jonathan Brownett has been generating classifications of coniferous forest change from time-series of Landsat sensor data with this showing areas of clearance and regeneration in the Dyfi catchment. Detecting change in land cover and habitats using satellite sensor data is a key area of IGES research in the Dyfi catchment, with several projects focusing on the development of techniques that it is hoped will ultimately lead to a monitoring system to help conserve and facilitate sustainable utilisation of the landscape. A number of datasets (e.g., land cover classifications and ground data) are being collected which will feed into the IGIBS project, with these being open for use by a wide range of people including undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as academic staff. An exciting development is that these will be made available within IGES’ new digital map library.

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