Aug 082011

My apologies to the Duke of Wellington for mutating his often quoted call to a jilted mistress about his intimate letters, but the sentiments in the original statement do suggest the power of the publication process to give information a life of its own.  If geospatial data were published in a similar way to research […]

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Aug 032011

I guess that anyone reading this  will already know that Shibboleth is an open source federated user authentication infrastructure that allows control of user sign-on between or within an organisation/s.  I had a vague memory from childhood Sunday School classes that there was an older meaning to the word apart from the Times crossword type definition of […]

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Aug 012011

I have been reading and  thinking about the relationship between long term spatial data preservation and the short term needs of day-to-day data security during the life of a research project. With research data being generated at faster and faster rates and the life cycles of supporting technologies getting shorter data preservation is destined to be a […]

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