Welcome to the IGIBS project blog where we will be sharing updates and information about the Interoperable Geographic Information for Biosphere Study.

This is a joint project between EDINA, Aberystwyth University and the Welsh Assembly Government and runs from April to November 2011.

The overarching idea is to try to improve the connect between the UK’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) as manifested through the UK Location Programme and the UK’s Academic SDI.  We want to do this by focussing on real world use cases emerging from research and education related to a particular area – the UNESCO Designated Biosffer Dyfi Biosphere Reserve.

We expect that the four main outputs resulting from this project will be:

  1. Working prototype of a “WMS factory” tool
  2. Simple mapping application
  3. Best Practice model for using UK academic SDI at the departmental level
  4. Demonstration of UK access management technology being used to secure public sector services in combination with academic sector services

Full details of the project can be found in the project proposal document (EDINA_IGIBS_proposal [PDF])

The core team is:

  • Chris Higgins (project manager)
  • Steve Walsh (research associate)
  • Richard Lucas (professor at IGES, Aberystwyth University)
  • Michael Koutroumpas (developer)
  • Nicola Osborne (social media officer at EDINA)
  • Simon Agass (Welsh Government)

For more information (or if you just have a related question you want answered), please contact the Project Manager:

email: chris.higgins AT ed.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)7595 11 69 91


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